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    Joe Walsh Ltds. fly off shelves fast.

    If anyone is looking for one, Wild West got one in today
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    25 years in… NGD - 594 WL

    stunning. nice one
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    UPS estimated delivery time

    wait, you guys don't follow the truck or walk over to the driver to make sure they're stopping at your place next? Interesting
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    Favorite Discontinued PRS Guitars

    I'd like to see another run of the Mahoney model. They pop up on Reverb from time to time, but for way too much imo
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    Debating on new PRS

    594! a lot of great options listed, but the 594 is my choice
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    Gibson conversation

    Both are great, but I think that PRS is more consistent in quality, playability, and accessibility.
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    NGD - Satin and Stupendous

    that's a nice one
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    NGD-She's here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats and that's a nice lineup you've got there
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    NGD McCarty SC - Smells like fish

    That's how you know it's made in Maryland
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    Do you name your guitars?

    up until now, they were called "about to be listed on Reverb."
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    NGD - Custom 24 Floyd

    That's awesome. Congrats!
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    Tone King Gremlin Improvement

    I had a Gremlin and thought it was great. I liked the their attenuation so much, I bought their standalone attenuator for my other amps. Good to hear that the tube swap was beneficial.