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    594: GOTM vs. other PS

    haha yes i don't think it's any divine insight that trying before buying is the ideal approach. unfortunately not possible all the time :(
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    594: GOTM vs. other PS

    Wish I could take that approach, but guitars seldom last more than six months here. You can order a spec-made guitar, but what good are specs when you don't 'click' w/ a guitar? That's happened to me on several occasions. But that aside, the only 'lifer' guitars I've got here are two Tele's-...
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    Private Stock Friday

    Who takes the photos at the factory and what kind of camera + lens are they using? Really love those photos. Here are some shots of my incredible Super Eagle II which I brought home a little over a week ago:
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    594: GOTM vs. other PS

    The thing that's appealing to me personally about GOTM is the limited edition nature of it. I like that there'll only ever be 26 and that it came with those specs from the factory. I would hate to buy a used PS knowing some random guy ordered those specs. Not to mention PS guitars seem to take a...
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    594: GOTM vs. other PS

    Can either of you comment re: what material the GOTM bridge was made from? Appears like a bronze of sorts, haven't seen it on any other guitar. Would be interested to lear about any sonic differences in introduces.
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    594: GOTM vs. other PS

    Thanks, yes I know. It's Paul's take on an LP, of course it'll have a different sonic footprint. I am well covered with LP's, so am looking for something a little different, which the 594 is.
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    594: GOTM vs. other PS

    P.S. Perhaps appropriate of its own thread altogether, but will post here for continuities sake: part of my contemplation to go GOTM is also ignited by the fact that it doesn't have a Brazilian board. I was a bit surprised by this as I'd expect it at that price point; it merely comes with some...
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    594: GOTM vs. other PS

    Hey guys, Facing a bit of a dilemma, hoping for your input. I really dig the 594 platform as a modern alternative to the venerable Les Paul and am hoping to get into one very soon. Well, I actually have kind of agreed to buy a GOTM February 594, but due to a PayPal issue have a little time...
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    Question re: "Hemp Green" (and Super Eagle II NGD)

    Thanks, yes I did! I'm actually a full-time photographer. If you like nice photos of nice gear and happen to be on Instagram you can check my page out @electricavenueguitar. There'll be a website up soon as well where I'll have artist interviews, builder profiles (hoping to get PRS onboard)...
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    So who bought a super eagle I or II and how is it?

    Brought this beauty home the other day... walked into the shop to grab a pack of strings and walked out with this instead... guess the strings came on the guitar!
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    John Mayer Signature Amp - The J-MOD100

    Well that's what I'm trying to figure out... what exactly is it? A completely original circuit or based on something in the Dumble/Two Rock camp?
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    Yep, I'm the same. Used to have a sizeable amount of space in the basement, but it wasn't done my way, so I decided to paint and decorate a room upstairs how I wanted, but at the expense of all the space. Much more cramped than before as I didn't realize how much space boxes and cases could take...
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    Pretty cool Mayer "rig rundown" - PRS Content

    Man, I don't think it gets cooler than having Rene be your tech...
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    John Mayer Signature Amp - The J-MOD100

    Is the J-MOD 100 supposed to be PRS' SSS or CR Sig? I'm looking at a couple of amps in that style and am kind of intrigued by the J-MOD, though the clips haven't sold me.