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    Kfir Ochaion

    I found this guy that does electric fuitar covers. I don't think he has a prs but I had a question. Could a prs achieve a sound like this? Also I just wanted to share his amaxing talent : ) Sorry I'm a newbie.
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    The Guitar Doctor

    Lol it's true.
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    The PRS

    All of those guitars look absolutely lovely.
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    Introduce yourself!

    Thankyou! I can't wait to own one. : )
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    How to customize the forum's look to your preference

    Does it work for mobile?
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    Black Magic Woman

    Nicely played.
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    Enjoy The View...

    Oh my.
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    Lookin' forward to May 20th! NEW CLAPTON!

    It came out on my birthday :)
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    mind blown!!

    Wow congrats man. Looks very nice.
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    Introduce yourself!

    I don't have a prs but I'm saving up for one. I saw one at guitar center and instantly fell in love.
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    New Member? Welcome! Info about your new account inside

    I don't have a prs but hope to have one.