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    Amp COMBO suitable for Student Edition PRS guitars

    I also am beginner and only play/practice at home and have a SE CU24. I got a Vox VT20+ modeling amp. great amp for home playing and I can get lots of tones out of it as I dont have any pedals. I would suggest going back to GC and try one. they should have them in stock. Also this amp is way...
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    SE neck repair

    Ive used the gorilla brand wood glue too. It is just like titebond.
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    SE neck repair

    Titebond 2 or Titebond 3 will be what I would buy. Get at most stores. And yes its stronger than the wood. I am a cabinet shop owner and I work with it all the time. Titebond 3 is a more "brownish color" , waterproof, runnier, and more dry time. I have used the Gorilla glue and I would not...
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    Advice :) WHICH PRS ? -- PRS SECU24 , PRS SE 25th ANNIVERSARY CU24 or...

    Oh, I thought 25th anv was a USA one. I love my 2012 SE CU24. I say SE CU24 & Amp:proud:
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    Advice :) WHICH PRS ? -- PRS SECU24 , PRS SE 25th ANNIVERSARY CU24 or...

    The 25th anv. for $900 seems like a good deal. What condition is it in? One more thing to think about is resale value. I would think that later down the road you would get the $900 back and maybe more, but maybe only about half back on the SE's.
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    Aesthetic Upgrades to SE CU24

    I put USA amber lampshades on my SE CU24 and they worked great. Looks way better than the SE one too.
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    Introduce yourself!

    Sweet guitar Chris. Welcome. Nice to have you here. I love this place. I learn sooo much here.
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    Strap button question.

    I installed schaller's on my SE CU24 and the SE screws worked perfect. I didn't use the schaller screws. I guess maybe the PRS USA screws are different size.
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    So i got a SE soapbar ii that wont stay in tune

    I use this with great success.
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    2x12 closed back DB 'big mouth' cabinet - stealth?

    What does the "DB" stand for?
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    What don't you like about PRS guitars?

    Like Superman once said, " It's still the safest way to travel". The chances of my guitar hitting the floor are a lot less likely.
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    Do SE's come with a hang tag?

    My SE didn't come with a hang tag either. I guess there is some sort of sticker your supposed to put on the warranty card. I bought mine on line and contacted the dealer. they said everything should have been there. well it wasn't. oh well I bought a PRS, what do I need a warranty for ?
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    NGD: Angelus SE Custom

    What guage strings come stock on these.?
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    New member with SE questio

    For me it would depend on how much the 2009 costs. It would have to be a great deal for me to buy it. Otherwise I would buy a 2012 or 2013. The beveled top looks a whole lot nicer and easier on the forearm when playing. also the coil split gives you more versatility with the tones. Both worth it...
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    Straplocks with SE Angelus Custom Acoustic/Electric?

    I looked at some pics on the Bay and it looks like yes you can use strap locks. the jack is separate from the strap button. not one of those combo ones.