What gear or guitar have you been jonesing for lately?

I'd love to have a DGT, I think it's a guitar that would fit my style pretty well.

Been going through some changes as of late with different amp different pickups, it's been incredibly frustrating but through all of it I've come out the other side having better tone.

I can't believe I'm even going to say this but having 8515 in 97 ce24 and LTs in my McCarty running through HDRX20 head is making me reconsider even buying something else. Crazy. I've even considered selling most all my guitars since I only seem to play the two I mentioned. Like I said ....crazy.

I never thought I'd EVER consider selling my ce22 D1s or my cu24 5909s but man.....I'm just tickled with my amp/guitar setup right now.

Makes me even wonder about my parts drawers............
I’m so oddly at peace with my instruments and other gear right now, I’m wondering if I’ve contracted some rare disease or perhaps the end of the world is nigh. I walked through my favorite local shop a week or so ago and the only thing that I needed were a couple of mic cables for an event that is still a couple of months out. Felt so inconsequential I didn’t even bother picking those up yet.

There’s still The One guitar, but I’m not 100% settled on what it’s even going to be. I’m targeting that for my 60th, so I still have a couple of years to get there. Eh, maybe I’m fine after all. 😉
Everybody needs another Santana .. this will do nicely