Tuner Button sizes


Dec 10, 2022
Fort myers, Florida
Hello, I was wondering if anyone might have an idea of the size of tuner button that came on a 1996 Custom 24? I’m looking at replacing mine and I’m not sure if I should get large or small. Any help would be appreciated.
Those tuners are almost certainly Schaller M6 tuners. The Schaller PRS tuners had smaller buttons. Those were Phase 1 and Phase 2 tuners. During the Phase 2 run, PRS transitioned to Gotoh tuners, which have a larger button.

Long story short, look for buttons labeled to fit Schaller tuners or PRS Phase 1 tuners.

What type of button are you looking for? I may be able to point you in the right direction.
They are definitely Schaller M6 tuners, the gold on the buttons is pockmarked and I’d just like to replace them so they look better. John Mann has some gold ones for sale but they’re large. I really appreciate the information, thank you!
Schaller sells replacement buttons in their various finishes, including gold. They are in Germany. I believe you can order directly from their website. Note that shipping from Germany may be pricey…2-3 years ago, I ordered buttons from Germany the shipping was around $35. You might be able find them in the States, but likely hard to find. If you get lucky you might find used buttons on Reverb (I’ve bought and sold PRS buttons there). Your cheapest and easiest option would be wood or bone buttons. You can get them at SportHiTech in PA for $30-$45 a set, depending on material. They have a couple sizes and provide detailed measurements of the button dimensions. They are ‘Tone Ninja’ brand…as far as I can tell, they are rebadged Hailwood buttons sold by CrazyParts in Germany.
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Yeah I just looked on their site, it’s about $75 for 6 schaller m6 180 tuner buttons before shipping..That’s not terrible.. Thank you for your input
Phase I keys used the large buttons, both Schaller (which is what a '96 would have) and then later Gotoh.

It wasn't until the first iteration of Phase II that they went to small buttons.

I lost track of when they went back to large buttons, but it may have been when they revised Phase II with the unplated brass shafts.