TS808/TS9 Bypass mod share


Jun 3, 2012
Crystal Lake, IL.
Not sure about you guys, but I love and use my TS a lot. But the stock switch sucks, and I did not realize how much it robbed the signal even with the pedal OFF.

I'm sharing it cause it took me 2 hours to find this article. Others charge 50.00 for this service, I did it on my own with the link below in about 45 minutes, and cannibalized an old pedal (MetalMuff) I don't use anymore for a Switch and LED. However the parts can be had for about 4.00.

Makes a noticeable improvement. Took the thinness out of it. Also quieted it up a little on the buzz. Pops a bit when switching, but I think that's due to the 3PDT switch I used as it is old, and the MM had the same pop. Maybe clean it a bit. Also switches much easier, and the Red LED can actually be seen when on. Will pick up some new switches in the AM to fix the MM and hopefully quiet the pop.

Thought I would post it up here for everyone else. Save y'all from my headache.



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