The Official Carlos Santana thread. (The place for all things Carlos)

I'd posted that one a while back , Love Cindy's work with and without Carlos , he's a lucky man
@Greywolf , sorry about the duplicate post. I, as I said, did a search but obviously didn't use correct search parameters.

What do you think of her voice?

And I won't post it because it isn't Mr. Santana or PRS related, but I just came across a video of her, "Cindy Blackman Santana & Another Lifetime Stockholm Jazz Festival 2013". It really showcases her talents and abilities. Awesome show. The lead guitar player which, probably is of maximum interest to us on here, is really talented.
Never a worry .. being a drummer originally I am in awe of Cindy's immense chops . I think her voice , like everything else about her is SWEET
signed by Carlos ! Taking it way back to roots .. on the 'verb for those who want a easy way into history