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Alnus Rubra

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Oct 17, 2017
Santana - Cover article of February issue Premier Guitar!

"Feedback is good for you! The legend says the world needs to be “far out,” and he’s cut a new album, Blessings and Miracles, to take it there. He talks about his fabled tone, advice from Miles Davis, his search for universal melodies, and stepping outside the cage."

It is an interesting, five page article. Probably not much new for us Carlos disciples/students but still interesting. Talking about his tone, "I need four or five microphones on my amp in a room: one in front, one behind, one above, one right on the speaker and one as far away as possible.....I go to each microphone and adjust the position until I get it right".

The last paragraph is pure Santanaese:
He continues: "How do you get into a solo that's in the same place Charlie Parker, Beethoven, or Stravinsky would go to? We can get to that same place. It's called The Sanctum-of-My-Intelligence Hang-Out. People say to me, "That's far-out, dude! How do I get there?' Practice removing your mind from the room and allow your light-spirit and soul to create music outside of gravity and time. You have to get out of the cage and dive into the unknown and the unpredictable"


How considerate! Santana knows how the headstock on his guitar offends @Boogie he’s covered it up (double FNAR).