Suggestions for what to do with push-pull switch?

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Jul 25, 2019
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I've got an S2 Mira Semi-hollow stoptail that I'm about to put some Lollar "Lollartron" pickups into. Half out of laziness, I plan to just use the stock wiring & pots, etc.—but I don't know what I'd use the push-pull function on the tone pot for. (I don't care to split these pickups into single-coils.)

Can anybody suggest an interesting, novel, or useful function for that push-pull feature in a 2 x humbucker, Vol + Tone + 3-way switch guitar if I'm not interested in splitting the humbuckers to single-coils? I could just leave it non-functional, but if I'm going to be working under the hood I might as well consider some ideas first.
Do something completely treble boost or something insane.
or honestly, just make it a complete bypass so it's full on volume and tone
change the pickups between parallel and series when in the middle position. That could be cool.

Series/parallel is a good option for sure. That way it gives you an extra push for when you want it.

The series/parallel thing could be a cool option to have in one's back pocket...

Lollartrons are kind of like old Gretsch Filtertron pickups right?

honestly, just make it a complete bypass so it's full on volume and tone

This was my only idea originally--just make it "full blast bridge pickup" when pulled up, nothing else just straight to the output jack. So far, this plus the series/parallel idea are both good thoughts.
Playing off the "blower switch / full-on to jack" idea... what if I were to just wire the Tone pot to be active when down, and then disengaged when pulled up--this would essentially be a "no load tone pot" option, right?