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    I listen to a lot of stoner (The Machine, 1000mods, Sasquatch, Samsara Blues Experiment, Somali Yacht Club, Electric Octopus, etc.), and want to do a cover in that style. Anyone here play Stoner? Guitar/pedal/amp of choice? I think I've already got the pedal worked out (EQD's new Erupter, but I've got plenty of other fuzzes to try out) and probably the amp (either the MDT or the HXDA), but would love to hear what you all use and/or any tips or tricks. Don't really have a singlecut any more when I sold off the P245 solidbody, and in hindsight, it was the heaviest sounding guitar I owned.
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    I have an HXDA 100 and I love stoner rock! Get a good clean boost too so you can push it into explod-o-mode. I use my Rockbox Boiling Point in clean boost mode to go from crunch to smooth overdrive or switch it into plexi drive mode to turn the HXDA into a total volcano of tone. (think Brown Eye). If you can get your hands on a Hollowbody or Semi-hollowbody you'll find a lot more texture and that feedback is effortless to achieve.
    Note: I tend to use vintage style pickups for this setup i.e.: 57/08's (SCHBII) 58/15LT's (DC594) and Lollar 52-T's (Tele)
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