Silver Sky SE MODS: Sure, why not?

I have a Godin Session that sustains far longer, and my buddy's MIM Fender strat sustains longer. I don't play heavy rock, but I play some music where I intro the song with a sustained wash chord, and noticed I have to keep replaying the chord and fading in, as opposed to just one strum on other guitars. I prefer the sound I get from the SS, it just needs a bit more sustain. I thought I would try new saddles first.
Old post, I know.

John Mann has a new steel tremolo block for the SE Silver Sky that's made from milled steel and supposedly increases the sustain, mids and fullness of the tone.

I want to try one. He also makes it in brass.

When i tested my stock SE tremolo block with a magnet, a magnet stuck to it. So it's already STEEL. Not pot metal.

Does improved steel improve the tone?

I hope the fit will be better and the strings won't get caught in the tremolo block when doing string changes.

They sure do now!
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Nice mods. I really like the silver sky, not for the single coils though but for the strat body comfort and especially the neck profile. To me it has the best neck profile, shape and playability of any Stratocaster I have ever played. I used to use single coils but lately just don't jive with them like I used to. After buying probably my favorite guitar I have ever owned, the PRS SE DGT I fell right in with the great tones of that guitar and being I like the silver sky neck so well and the body comfort decided to mod it with dual hum buckers and dgt wiring schematic. Vol for each pickup and a push/pull tone wired to split both pickups and I especially like the middle position being able to blend neck and bridge pickups warmer or brighter with the volumes.