Silver Sky (Core) - Maple Fingerboard

Mind Flayer

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Apr 25, 2018
Anybody have experience with the core Silver Sky with maple fingerboard? A guy has a used one for sale in my area and just want to get any thoughts on people who have played them before I make the trek to his place to try it out. Is the neck profile the same as on a rosewood board? Is the finish nice and smooth? I really don't like most Fender maple fingerboards because of the gloss, but I like the feel of satin maple necks and fingerboards.
Sorry, I'm not visiting this forum as often as I did. Yes, as you found out the neck finish is almost like it isn't there.

The RW fretboard now has a slightly different (extremely subtle) profile from the maple FB. The Maple FB profile matches the original RW FB profile, from what I recall.

635JM-R (Rosewood Fretboard) vs 635JM (Maple Fretboard) per the PRS site.

The Silver Sky comes with the option of a rosewood or maple fretboard. The maple fretboard option comes with the original 635JM neck shape, while the rosewood fretboard option has been subtly modified in the shoulders to feel more “rounded” in your hand. Both neck shapes were designed by researching vintage instruments and Mayer test-driving guitars on stage to find what felt right. The fretboard radius on both options is 7.25”.
I have one of each in core also, one was made during covid and the other a year after covid. Other than satin vs gloss I can’t feel a difference but I have read that JM had some minor changes done on the maple version.