Signed Guitar


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Oct 1, 2012

So I have a PRS Tremonti SE in black. I am seeing Tremonti play in a couple of weeks and I was planning on getting my guitar signed by the band. Obviously this will quickly rub off, so I was wondering if there is any good way of keeping signatures on the guitar? Or if not, is there a way PRS can put some sort of coating over it?

Thanks in advance!
If you're going to have the guitar signed and would like us to clear over the signatures, it is best to scuff the finish with fine grit paper (400 grit). This will allow the topcoat something to cling to when we re-spray it. A better (and more affordable) option would be to have the band sign the back plate. Once the signatures are applied, you can shoot the plate with a couple layers of clear spray on coating. Something like Krylon works great.
You would be really cool if you had him sign it with a black sharpie, and then clear coated it.
Hi Michael,

We would scuff around the signature and then shoot clear on the guitar. It's certainly doable, but requires a lot more work to scuff up to, but not on, the signature. but again, certainly doable.
Awesome, thanks for your help! I will probably go ahead and try to get the backplate signed then. It was actually signed when I got it but it quickly rubbed off since I hadn't put any coating over it.

Thanks again!
When you get it signed....get a Sharpie INK PEN! These are great...available in any color...fine or medium point...and you probably won't have to coat it, since it is totally indelible and won't ever come off...but, be careful, since there is no turning back except to sand it off once it's on.

This is what I used when I recently asked Bonni Lloyd to sign my '90 Bonni Pink. Went to Michaels (where my wife is a regular) and they have a selection of Sharpie Ink Pens in any color of the rainbow. I chose pink obviously.
Cool!! Thanks Shawn, Think I'll be getting in touch soon to have that done and Len said when he was is Syracuse that my Tremonti needed a new nut when he did a setup.