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May 18, 2020
Hi all,
sorry but I need your help!!!
I own a 1991 PRS Signature in mint condition, the color is faded emerald green, but it is really mint.
I bought this guitar in collector grade condition from an important American dealer about ten years ago and I took it out of the case maybe five or six times.
I put it up for sale because unfortunately I need money and tomorrow morning a potential buyer will come to try the guitar.
Tonight I tried the guitar and realized that the rotary switch sounds backwards, meaning what the bass pickup is connected in position 10 and the treble pickup is connected in position 5.
I don't think anyone has tampered with the guitar because, I repeat, apart from the color, it looks like it just came out of the shop, but now I'm afraid that tomorrow I won't be able to sell the guitar and this would be a serious problem for me.
What can I do?
If you can solder, the solution is probably to note where each of the wires from the bridge pickup is connected to the switch and swap to where the neck pickup is connected. Do the same for the neck pickup.
Here’s my photos from when I rewired my ‘91

B = neck
T = treble


Thanks, you have been very kind, but I'm not able to solder and I don't have time... I'll see tomorrow.
Is it possible that the guitar was born as it is?
Unless the person looking at it has owned a guitar with that type of switch they may never know how it is supposed to work. It is interesting that it seems backwards when you have had the guitar for a good long while and it looked to be like new when you bought it.