PsuedoReedSmith - Silver Lie SE

Nice! I was wondering at the beginning of your post how you were going to intonate the guitar without moving the neck towards the bridge.

Then you explained that you lengthened the neck pocket.

I had a chance to compare my SE Silver Sky to a 2018 USA Silver Sky yesterday. That 2018 SS sounded really good. Love those pickups.

The owner spent most of the time playing my SE, and kept going on and on about what a great guitar the SE is.

I love the neck. I like it better than the USA version.
Yeah, it's really just shaving off the curved areas where the neck butt goes. Basically put, you need to move the neck forward 3/16" to make it work. The pickguard also needs to be reshaped....looking at SS pickguards, I dont think they are interchangeable with Fender 11 hole types.

I think I personally like the 8.5" radius over the 7.5" core version. I've only played a core one in a shop once, and though I loved it, I really like the SE neck more. Especially compared to a Fender/Squier neck, it feels so much more...accessible. Like, I don't feel like I have to change anything about the way I fret when transitioning over to it, I can just go. I think that was always my gripe with Strats, the necks just felt a bit off to me.

I think this experiment was a success overall. I do have plans to do a few others down the road. I have another Alder Squier body from '08. That is gonna be the Nebula guinea pig. I am drawing up plans for a Tele build down the line. That will probably be later in the year. Have to find a Tele body I like first. Now those are dilemmas I like having. :)