PRS SE Silver Sky input jack loose

Eldar Vox

New Member
Dec 30, 2023
Hi guys.
My new SE Silver Sky input jack keeps coming loose. Is this common on these?
The nut keeps coming out. Do I need a star or split washer and what size?
Is it best to upgrade to a switch craft jack and if so what one?

You should be able to get it to stay if there is a star washer on the backside. No need to pay for a new Jack unless you really want "pro tone" :)
Do you mean behind the plate or the nut in the front of the jack plate?
What size should the star washer be?
I would put it inside the guitar between the jack and the jackplate (if that makes sense).

Just find one at Home Depot or something a bit larger than the jack.
Mine fell apart the first time I took the cable out. I went to change to strings and the nut fell off. Is this what is coming out of Indonesia these days?