PRS SE Custom 24 Floyd ???


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Jun 16, 2018
I just got this guitar in a trade deal. The guy wasn't sure of the actual date of the model. I wasn't really concerned because it looks, sounds and plays great.
It is obvious that it was built in Korea in the World Music factory- says so on back of headstock. I did a quick looksy on the internet and couldn't find another that looked exactly like it.
It has a Charcoal burst top with black back, sides and neck. The top is quilted unlike most that appear to be flamed. It also has white binding on the body, neck and headstock.
Any ideas? Sorry couldn't upload any pics.
The obvious points are that it is a Korean made which would date it to that time? and the white binding?
Ok, found a date code and it is a 2017 model. I still wonder about the quilt top and binding?
Is it maybe a special run?