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PRS 2021 Launch Party

Ah, thank you for clearing that up! Would you say the SE 24-08 is much different from the SE 35th anniversary edition, apart from the pickup covers, color, and perhaps carve?

They're the same. I see PRS calls it a shallow violin carve but looking at the pics my eye doesn't see a difference. Doesn't mean there's not, but I don't see it. I thought I did in one but then the next one looks the same.
Yep they are the same, this newer carve first appeared on the SE Paul’s guitar, and then on the 35th anniversary. Now they are switching over to this more pronounced carve, but it’s very similar to the beveled tops of recent. First generation SE’s were flat tops, then around 2013-14 (I believe) they started with slight bevels on the SE line. That brings us to 2021, where the carve is inching closer to their US counterparts... but It’s very “shallow” carve.
I'm a righty but for some reason I always get happy when I see lefty guitars because it means more options for fellow lefty guitarists.
It also means more guitars for us righties.

That's great news for lefties. I broke my left arm and tried to go lefty for a minute. Their selection is awful! What is usually a grear day at the guitar store was like a kick in the...no wonder they all go right.

Lol, sorry, I should've used my sarcasm font. ;)

The only lefty I saw immediately after the launch party was a SE 24 - I didn't even see a Core one. :(

On a good note - the launch party was great! Personally, I think the acoustics had a particularly strong showing!!
Someone on Facebook posted the 2021 product catalog. I'll leave the link here.
Also available direct from the PRS Customer Support website (a slightly cleaner URL to the exact same place):


594 semi hollow. I wants one.
I don't see one of those listed? Maybe you saw a premature version of the catalog that has now been, umm, "sanitized" for public release?
Whats going on with PRS Amps? I'm a big fan of the amps now own a MT 15 that stays on stage at my Church and and a Archon 50 head is my play out rig as of now but noting is showing but the Imports and the DG on your site for 21. I prefer my Carvin Kiesel Guitars to PRS ( own both brands BTW) for the guitars but left Boogie and now pretty exclusively play your amps so??
I have a question, where will the party be held, is it indoors, or are you renting a covered area for the outdoor festival? The amount of natural light you have to play with will make a huge difference, because some of the lights will be wasted in daylight outside. Since I often go to parties I know that you should think about two main aspects of stage lighting, visibility and performance. The percentage split between these two categories will depend largely on the type of event you are hosting. It's very complicated and fussy, personally I always go to wedding lighting hire, if you can't do it yourself I suggest you go to them too
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