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PRS 2021 Launch Party

I’m curious about the sugar moon finish on the Fiore. The sugar makes me think there’s a fine metal flake in the finish, though I’ve seen no evidence of that. Maybe that’s wishful thinking and it’s just another fancy name for white.
I'd be looking for any members who want to pregame tonight. Friends I haven't met yet, old friends who want to hang. Whoever's around.
But maybe it's for the best since it's supposed to rain tomorrow and it's going to be unseasonably cold this weekend. Maybe the weather will be better for the makeup event.

Harsh. :)

I am enjoying it. Love core special and the Bonnie pink SE.

Bonnie Pink SE.......I might have to pick one up as well.
How is the new 24-08 any different than the 35th Anniversary custom 24?
Hey everyone. I've been missing awhile, but I'm back now. Was super stoked to see Bonnie Pink get announced for SE, but was really hoping to see it as more than just a custom 24 color. I would be $1000 lighter if they would have said they were making a Bonnie Pink PG for the SE line. I guess I should be thankful?

I've found myself recently really wanting to get another PRS, after not having GAS of any kind for years! Now I'm looking at selling off the majority of the guitars I still have, and maybe just saying screw it and buying a Core model. Most likely a PG, although as you guys know, sometimes we end up in unexpected places. Really can't decide between spending a grand and being fairly happy, or spending four grand and knowing I'm happy.