Practicing Christmas songs for a couple of gigs this month


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Nov 5, 2018
From a post I just made on Facebook:

Band practice last night and a few Christmas songs that we will be playing at Christmas Village a couple of times this month. We will be there On the 4th at noon and the 17th 6:00. Come on out and see us. Christmas Village is always a good time.
(Somehow, Brian scooted his way out of the d*mned frame and was tucked away in the corner playing his bass.....but trust me, all of the bass work is his).

The Angela Everwood Band, Brian Schulz, Vincent Daniel Feliciano, Chris Savidge, Angela DiPalantino

Again. Sorry for those of you with no facebook accounts. That is where this was posted so I am not sure if you can see it, or how long the time stamp will last....but it is here).

Oh, and as a follow up on the "wireless" post I made recently, this was wireless for both me and the bass player. Two separate systems...but pretty effective.
Be sure to include "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"! Maybe right after the Rudolph song!! I played both of them a couple days ago to see how they would sound!!!
We have been using this gig annually to present a lot of our originals......but we HAVE to have enough Holiday related songs to make it feel like it fits with the theme of the event ...... you know, so that we can keep getting invited back ;)
I've picked up a couple of "fill in" gigs with a band. One of those gigs is for NYE. Sounds like I may have to learn Auld Lang Syne. Shouldn't be hard to do. I've offered to bring my iPod and just have them play Gary Hoey's version through the PA at the proper time but I don't know if that'll happen.