Pending doom and end of the world...

40 posts in...and I'll just add that we have nothing to worry about. They are doing maintenance on Wednseday, which, as far as I can tell, isn't even on the calendar yet. Wasting time on the forum on Wednesday this week should be fine.
Good catch! I was so distraught by the warning that I missed that... So, it IS a conspiracy! I knew it!!! :mad:
The irony is that TGP keeps the biggest trolls around to keep the new trolls in check lol Mods ban the trolls who have potential to be better trolls than the paying members or the mods
It does seem that way at times, doesn't it? There are some guys who have been trolling there for 10 or more years and keep getting away with it. I think as long as it's not "mean trolling" it can go on forever.
Stop being so shy and just say what you really feel, I am sure you will be banned in no time!
I have to tell you, some of the threads I see over there really make me scratch my head. You see people claiming to be an expert with something and asking basic questions about that same thing... I will never get past all of the people asking for other people's opinions on what they should spend their money on. The only possible reason I can think of for doing something like that is if I am thinking about buying something I don't think I will like and I am wondering which one of the options I am looking at will be more popular and easier to sell when I verify my dislike for the item... That is just crazy.
Only YOU would take that as a compliment! :oops:

And Sergio.