NGD - Wood Library DGT

Although i loved my Black Gold DGT, what I've always admired about PRS's are their non-traditional colors and stains. The past year or so, I've been itching for a pink guitar, and at one point was eyeing an S2 in Bonnie Pink Cherry Burst to scratch that itch knowing that core Bonnie Pink guitars are rare finds.

Not long ago, a dealer in Washington had a DGT wood library run and low and behold - Bonnie Pink! Hog body, STAINED neck, Zircote board, and an awesome top - had to have it. Ended up making the subjective "trade up" and swapped out my DGT and Vela for this awesome axe. Here's a pick alongside my WL MEV in Eriza Verde. Am a sucker for the stained maple necks. Plays and sounds just as great as my core model, but the color keeps me coming back!

That DGT makes my mouth water.