NGD S2 594


Bassist with a guitar habit
Jun 12, 2018
Another day, another guitar. Having hopefully settled on a core (heh) set of instruments, I've been looking at rounding things out. After a deal for an S2 594 fell through, I tried a CE 24, and then found another S2 594 to play with while the CE moved on. And, well, I get it now. I've tried 594s in shops, but getting to play one through my gear is making it clear why this has been such a hit for PRS. It just feels right. Not necessarily for everything, but for Les Paul stuff, it nails it, only better. The S2 does have some cosmetic and hardware compromises (the tuners are just ok, and while the pickups are fine, maybe even good, they are a clear step down from core), but it feels like this style of guitar should, and the choices for hardware upgrades are plentiful.

Thanks everyone. I’ve ordered a set of 58/15 LT pickups to install, hoping they’re as good as everyone seems to think