NGD Private Stock McCarty 594 in Bohemian Blue Smoke Burst

Congrats! Thanks for ending my torture - that one was on my watch list for some time! Glad it went to a forum member!

Bahama Blue is one of my favorite colors, looks fabulous on that that beautiful quilt!
I was eyeing it on the TGS website for a long time too!
Against my better judgment, I pulled the trigger on my first PS. It's a McCarty 594 in Bohemian Blue Smoke Burst. Quilt top, quilt back, flamed neck, cocobolo fretboard, obeche body (interesting?), cocobolo tuners, Paua birds and logo. I know it's probably a bit too over the top for some of you guys but this is the guitar for me . It'll complete my PRS trifecta alongside my 2 WL models. I tell myself this is the last one... Hope you enjoy.

Very late to the party here but jeez.
I have to go change my shorts now.
Fugging righteous!