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Jul 21, 2014
Hello PRS forums, I just got my first PRS on Friday and I thought it would be appropriate to join this forum.

A little back story: Before or right around the time I started playing guitar, my father (who had started about a year before me) picked up a book with a lovely PRS CE 24 in emerald green on the cover. The book was fantastic and a wonderful resource for almost all things guitar related, but I would stare at the cover many times because I was so infatuated with that guitar. I have wanted one ever since, especially as I matured as a guitar player and learned that PRSi weren't just beautiful guitars but great playing instruments as well.

Fast forward to half a week ago - I found a Mesa Express 5:50 on Craigslist for $200. I had just picked up an Egnater SW-45 the week before, so I had no NEED for a new amp, but at that price I figured it would be an easy few hundred bucks profit if I didn't like it, and even more if I was willing to wait. I picked up the amp and, as much as I loved it, realized that I would be better suited with another guitar. So I started emailing everyone on CL with a nice guitar asking if they were interested in a Mesa Express. Out of the 30 or so people I contacted, one person responded, and he happened to have the very same CE 24 that I've wanted for the better part of a decade. He was down to trade straight across.

I honestly can't believe my luck. It even came with the bar and original case. Thank god, because none of my guitars roll without hard shell protection. This by far trumps the time I got my Music Man Y2D Floyd for $500, and I thought that was a deal for the books. On to pictures!







This guitar is just absolutely fantastic. It came set up pretty badly - the bridge and claw were screwed to the body and the action was pretty high - but I spent a few hours last night fixing it up and making it play like butter. The neck is a nice C shape of medium thickness that flattens out as you go higher up the neck. It's a fast feeling neck too - equally beautiful for chord work or soloing. I've only played with it for an hour or two plugged in, so I don't feel fully qualified to comment on the amplified tone yet. However, I am surprised at how hot the bridge pickup is without being overpowering in the way that some typical hotter pickups are. It just seems to have more output. And I love the 2, 3, and 4 positions - this guitar is incredibly versatile. I will probably end up swapping out the pickups though - I've got a Duncan 59/Custom Hybrid that's just calling out to me to drop in the PRS, and I think picking up a Whole Lotta Humbucker for the neck position would be an awesome match.

It's got some dents and bruises:




But I really don't mind. It just makes it a player. If those weren't there I would just be worried about when I put them in myself, because I will play the **** out of this thing. I'm not worried about how collectible it is or how much it may go up in value in 20 years (to be fair, I could probably move it in a few days and still make a few hundred bucks over what I have into it). I wanted this guitar to play hard and put up wet.

Anyway, I'm just glad to have one of my dream guitars, and even more so because I got it for $200.
Argh. Seeing all that gravel, stones and scratchy hard stuff with the guitar leaning on it...
Great story and beautiful instrument. I really like this particular finish.
Wow... that guitar ROCKS! :eek:
Looks scary leaning up against all those rocks, but makes for great pix...

Great story...great find! Happy for you!
There's something about a great guitar that's already...broken in. Makes it seem easier to play more w/o worrying about hurting it... like a brand new car...always worrying about that first scratch...

btw, green rocks...:beer:
Green guitars just sound better! I think I'm a good trader, but you have me beat. Great find.
What a deal man! Congratulations on the score you've been waiting years for! Liking the emerald finish too!
Welcome young fella, beautiful PRS indeed, I was more than aware of your good fortune with the Mesa but that guitar kills! Now, be a good boy and show them your pedal board!!!!!:beer:
Thanks guys! I'm loving this guitar so much. Now to be fair it's been a few months since I picked up a PRS (my guitarist has a really nice Studio in Santana Yellow) but this may be the best PRS I've ever played. It just feels incredible in my hands. It really speaks to me, and I can make it sing in whatever way I so desire.

I do have a question on replacing pickups, though. I checked the control cavity and it looks like the rotary switch is wired to a PCB that only has three inputs for the pickups, so I can't use that switch with Duncans. I'll be ordering a new rotary pot sometime this week or so (unlike many, I actually love the rotary switch. IMO it's just a quintessential PRS feature, at least on the older models) so I can put my Duncans in. My question is this - I know that if you mix a Duncan and a PRS pickup, you have to do some stuff like flipping a magnet and whatnot. Since I'm going to be putting two duncans in, do I have to do anything special if I want to get the classic switch combos? (outside and inside coils in parallel, inside coils in series) Is this diagram correct?

Just a few more questions - The volume pot on my CE24 is rather tight, especially compared to pretty much every other modern PRS I've played, so I'm going to replace it. Do I need a long shaft or a short shaft? And does anyone know who sells a good rotary switch aside from Stewmac? They charge way too much for shipping such a small item and I think they have a minimum order amount that I won't hit. I at least just want to make sure I have the right one.

And since someone asked, here's my board. I've got an EP booster coming in tomorrow to replace the Timmy and I'm going to be getting a larger Disaster Area midi controller to control the H9 and TL/Mobius simultaneously.

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