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NGD - Custom 22 violet

Happy New guitar day to me.
Custom 22, 10 top - violet.
I loved the finish so I just had to have it.. the recent purple thread didn't help either.

Next weekend I will try and get more pics and a new family pic.

Oh, it looks like the purple thread very much did help! :D

Gorgeous new axe!
Hot! This is probably the only violet guitar I have ever liked.
Looks like "TM" in the original photos
Looks like just "regular" "58/15TM" pups.

Yep 58/15 TM.
Although I have no idea what the TM refers to, I couldn't seem to find a reference in the quick look I had earlier. Does anybody here know and can share with me?

It's surprising after almost 5 years with my CU24 being my go-to guitar, that I just feel really a home with 22 frets on both my CU22 and HB-II.
That color works great with that top! I like your pic better than the dealers :)