NGD (and hopefully a rupture in the GAS line)


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Apr 29, 2012
Well, I went ahead an did it. I attribute the majority of my GAS to seeking the old 1992 Cherry Burst Custom 24 I got rid of around Y2K.

Saw this used, and just couldn't resist. Other than sending in the warranty card (damn!) I don't think anyone even touched her. She's dead mint, and I have never used that term before.

These 2011 Throwbacks are just so damn cool. It's my first sweet switch, and with the 59/09s and 5-way rotary, some very very cool and unique sounds - kinda like my Siggy and my CE got busy and this is their lovechild. She even came with all the goodies: extra set of T&B pups, extra backplate hand-signed by Paul, extra lampshade knobs, LOA, etc.

So it's kinda like I have my old girl back - 'cept she's even better, 'coz she's got wings, and a killer top, and a matching headstock. Maybe (just maybe) NOW I can slow things down a bit...

Maybe ;) anyway, love her...



Congrats, Carl! With a guitar like that, you may have to remove"Cantankerous" from your handle...
Wow! I had a '91 like that, only not quite as superb an example.

Good choice!
Love it! Sure would be awful nice for my boss to give my my fucking bonus already! I am dying for one of these throwbacks!

Good luck with bonuses, and no raises this year at my company :( A lot of (non-PRS) guitar blood was shed on this acquisition. No regrets though.

New ones are pricey. There are a few used ones out there, if you like yellow. Or yellow. Had to hold out for my cherry burst.
Thanks everyone.

In addition to the sweet switch, I believe that this is wired with the "power out of phase" position 9 that I have heard about. The position 9 on this is much more nasal than on the same position on my STD24 and CE24, really bold and sounds great.

The "in-between" positions sound less stratty than on my others mentioned above; not sure if that's the 59/09s or whether the 5-way rotary on the throwbacks is wired more like the newer CST24s, where it combines single coil and humbucking on some of the in-betweens.

Makes me wonder what this would sound like if I did a little swaperoo for the included Standard T&B's. Not sure how they compare to the HFS/VB combination I am accustomed to (and love).

Either way I am so excited that this covers such different sonic ground than my other 24-fretters despite being strongly related.

BTW, not a heck of alot of information on these throwbacks in general out there - a nice 2-minute video where Paul waxes nostalgaic, but have not been able to find a formal spec sheet, types of woods, etc.