New Satin Vela Day!


Yippy ki yay...
Jun 1, 2014
Bottom left corner
That’s right…you heard right… New Satin-finish Vela Day!!!
WOO-HOO!!! :rock:

First and foremost, I want to say THANK YOU JAMES!! (“The guitar store”, aka Seattle Guitar Store)
Thank you for making my wish a reality! I’ll be surprised if PRS doesn’t offer these within a year or so, but now I don’t have to wait and wonder.

James and the crew at Seattle Guitar Store were fabulous to do business with. Highly Recommended!

I finally own a Vela and it’s as fabulous as all the reviews claim. Plenty of videos on youtube that showcase it’s tones way better than I could try to describe, but I will add a few initial observations...
This guitar is nice and light, very well balanced, and extremely comfortable. And along with all the fabulous vintage and rock tones, it's also very willing to produce some gorgeous, delicate sounds that open up a whole new realm of possibilities.
Mrs. Bebop already named her “Black Velvet”… which is very appropriate not only because of her appearance, but also because the satin finish makes her feel soft, smooth and warm to the touch like no gloss and polish can...









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a couple more...



when I get more time and better light, I'll add some better pictures....
Have a great weekend y'all!!
Oh man. That's gorgeous! I really hope this becomes a production item. I would buy one in a heartbeat! Congrats on the new Vela!
Also, excellent photography! Really shows off the texture of the satin finish and the unfilled wood grain.
Congrats! Great looking guitar, and great pictures to capture it!
Sweet!! And that last pic is the perfect angle to show off the brilliant artistry of the design department. Congratulations!
Beautiful, bebop! Just beautiful! All I can say is, it's a good thing the one with the birds was sold before I saw his posted list. I love the one I have, shiny finish and all. Light, responsive, great tones. Enjoy the purety heck out of yours!
All I can say is, it's a good thing the one with the birds was sold before I saw his posted list

I'd say you owe me a beer then for the favour - not going to hijack this thread but I'll say the charcoal one with the birds managed to fly over here to the UK. ;)

These are astonishing guitars, genuinely. Magical in their lightweight simplicity and tonally just splendid.