Neck Profile "Standard"?


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Apr 5, 2020
I have a Custom 24, more precisely a Cu 24 LTD 2010 - Artist Package) that have the best neck ever for my hands.
I always thought it was a Regular profile.
But today I was cleaning it's case an noticed the card that says Neck: "Standard".

I did a search for more info and got more confused, because I found links that refer to this model's neck as "Regular", "Standard" and also as "Old Standard" meaning it's something different and specific for this Limited Run.
Is Pattern Regular and Standard, the same thing?

Please, can someone with the knowledge clear this up? Thanks =)

In the past, "Regular" and "Standard" seem to have been used interchangeably for the same neck profile. Neither as thick nor as wide as a Wide-Fat, but not as thin as a Wide-Thin.

At some point, all those names changed, with what I believe to be the following equivalents:

Wide Thin --> Pattern Thin
Regular (Standard) --> Pattern Regular
Wide Fat --> Pattern

Confusing? Eh... yeah. And then some others like DGT, Pattern Vintage, and JM got added in there, too.
Hey Guys! Thanks for the compliments. \0/ She is a pure porn star indeed. Looks, sounds and plays like heaven.
I have big hands and sometimes like to play fast lines, I would never guess a very narrow and kind thick neck like this would fit me as the main shred machine. =)

What a mess Paul did with those nomenclatures! HAHA. Bottomline: if I shop for a current Pattern Regular PRS, it may feel the same. That's all I have to know. Looks hard to find tho.

Your fluffy pillow on the arm rest looks just like a cat!
Looks so real, it even moans! :p

...And then some others like DGT, Pattern Vintage, and JM got added in there, too.
Yes I do have a DGT, very different beast and neck.
I have CU24 25th Anniversary from same year, also with standard neck carve.. This is the best PRS neck for me! I can't play either with wide fat or with the currently produced pattern thin. I especially hate pattern thin - it's a shame that they only make Cu24 with pattern thin now :(