Neck/headstock options


New Member
Jan 19, 2024
Is it possible to get a Silver Sky with the Santana neck/headstock? I assume that if it is possible, that it would be a custom option.

Options beyond colors are for Private Stock customers only, and even then just the wood/inlay materials and maybe pickups.
They have really limited what you can get done on a PS these days. I have been so close to pulling the trigger on a PS build many times. I am safe from it now that they have really limited the options.
A new bolt on neck wouldn’t be very hard to make. I make my own necks but a lot of people buy the pre-slotted and radiused fretboard and then just glue this to the neck blank. As long you have the measurements right or template made well sounds harder then it is. You can even take it to a local luthier if you want them to do the fretwork.