Minor Changes To My Studio Craptastic.

Very slick , love the lil 356 model!
It's ceramic! I saw it and two others at an art fair. There's also a pink '57 Cadillac, and a '50 Studebaker. I bought them back in 1983, and I still think they're pretty sweet!

The artist also made much larger versions of several cars that I wish I'd bought; I'd guess 1/16th scale. They'd be perfect for adding more studio clutter. ;)

My four year old grandson is obsessed with them. Every time we do a face-time call, he wants to see them. So I have two upstairs and one in my studio so I can show him a car whichever floor I'm on without having to run up and down the stairs!
I hope you have a note from the doc authorizing the "moving amps" function! Take it easy whippersnapper!! Looks great as usual, congrats on building such a beautiful and functional playhouse ;~))
Moondog, the dang room drives me nuts. I'm obsessed with making it sound great and look decent, and it really does sound great. I've got the mix position sounding pretty darn close to the big boy rooms you find at the major studios. And the recording area is fine, no weird anomalies, buzzes, etc.

But in terms of looks...well, I'm just putting lipstick on a pig.

No matter what I do, underneath the makeup, the room's still a pig. All I can do for now is reduce the piggy-ness a little.

I think the docs are OK with me moving around and getting a little exercise at this point, it's my wife who thinks I'm insane - she's probably right! She thinks I should call helpers if I want to move things around. But I have some of those large furniture glides I put under the stuff I move, including even the cabs at this point.
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The only thing that's missing is a small spotlight dedicated to the helmet. I feel like it's rather tucked away in a dark spot at the moment.
It was and I moved it for that very reason earlier today.

The helmet itself was kind of a surprise 'gag gift' from my brother, who thought my interest in Roman history, arms, etc, was weird. So it's not really an authentic copy of one of the Roman helmets they've dug up or found in streams and bogs.

I'd put some lighting up if I got one of the real-deal copies of a museum helmet. I may do that at some point. Anyway, the helmet now sits in a brighter part of the room.

I also put a lamp on the bookshelf back there to brighten the area, but it doesn't leave room for the helmet. It's nice to have a light back there, however.
Here in Studio Craptastic, the lamps are both the icing AND the cake.

The rest of the studio is more like the plastic fork you eat cake with at a kid's birthday party.

Sure, I have a modicum of pride in the studio. But in its own way, it's kind of like a guy I knew in high school who took great pride in his booger collection. For all I know, it may have been a great booger collection, as booger collections go. But I never wanted to see it.

The lamps and other nicknacks distract my eyes enough that I don't have to see the rest of the studio. ;)
Recently, after at least a 50 year hiatus, I heard out of the blue from the guy who had the booger collection.

For real.

I kinda wanted to ask him about it, but I'd imagine after that length of time he'd have, like, 40 albums worth of prize boogers, and I really didn't want to go there.

"So you went there here."

"My goodness, I sure did. I'm soooo sorry." :rolleyes: