McCarty mods


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Jun 17, 2021
The pickup selector switch on my McCarty is crapping out. I guess it’s fair after 20 years of use, it’s from 2003.

It had been making a scratchy sound when switching for a while and now sometimes,when selecting the neck pickup, there’s a huge drop in volume, I have to go back and forth to fix it and of course I can’t have that during gigs.

Since I’ll be replacing the toggle and thus messing with the original circuitry I thought I might as well try something new.

I love this guitar and really like the sound, my only gripe with it is the big loss of volume when splitting the pickups. I like the split tones but I could do without the big volume drop. So I thought I might try a DGT type of split, which I heard is a bit different.

I guess that mod is tailored for DGT pickups but has anyone tried it on old McCarty pickups?

Other suggestions are appreciated too.

Someone more knowledgeable than I will for sure answer the mod question for you, but if my understanding is correct, you won’t get the DGT effect from straight McCarty pickups.

I believe PRS has since played around with where they tap the coils on their more recent pickup splits. So rather than just totally shutting down 1 coil (hence the output volume drop in the old McCarty pickups) and you’d have to have DGT pickups to get that same response balance, beyond just bleed caps, etc?

I too would try some deoxit on the switch before doing any surgery. Unless the metalwork in the switch is just super fatigued after 20 years, it’s pretty rare to see Switchcraft switch crap out. Many many still going 75+ years in.
I'd try Deoxit on the switch and retension the contacts by bending them so they have more pressure on each other. Good luck with the project and have fun!
The mod will work on your McCarty I just can't remember what components are used. Just a couple of resistors.
Yep- just search for PRS split pickup wiring diagrams. The resistor allows just a bit of the second coil to come through…helps the volume drop issue and makes the tone a little fuller.