McCarty 594 SE or DGT SE


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Feb 12, 2024
Currently I have a custom 24 se and a American made Fender strat. I want to buy another prs. Which one should I go for: 594 SE or DGT SE? Or should I check Silver Sky SE also? Please advise.

I think the first question you have to answer is do you want a stop tail or trem guitar. The neck carves are also different across all three of those guitars. If you like a stop tail with a thicker neck, get the 594. If you want the neck a little thinner and narrower the DGT is good. The SS keeps you in single coil territory. Not sure if that is what you want since you have a Strat. My preference of the three is the 594. But that is me.
I have both. As much as I love the DGT, it is my 594 that gets ALL the playing time.

I put TCI 58/15LT Limited pickups in it and changed out the bridge to the OG "flat saddle" bridge (swapped tailpiece for the OG tail that went with the bridge, though I didn't need to). The tuners were swapped for Mannmade vintage lockers. The wiring was redone to match the Core wiring found in Garrett's 2016 Core 594. I had a 2016 at one point, and that's what the 594 should sound like to me - so my SE was modded to match 2016 specs, except the TCI pickups.

I use my 594 tuned to C# standard with 12 gauge strings. It is FEROCIOUS!!!!!

The DGT got (almost) a full "Core" make-over as well. It now sports a Mannmade USA/PRS tremolo, locking tuners, upgraded wiring and plastics. The only thing that I kept stock were the pickups. They actually sound AMAZING. I felt no need to change them. The electronics were modified so that the volume pot positions were swapped - the neck vol is first, the treble second. Both vol pots pull to split the coils of their respective pickups.

It is a beast. And, in all truthfulness, I prefer it to the Artist Package DGT I had before. The AP had a weird high-end "ping" to the tone I hated. i have attributed that to the Brazilian Rosewood. Not a fan of it - or Ebony for that matter. I hear something in the tone that I don't hear with Indian Rosewood or Maple.....
Funny you should mention fingerboards. I will always love rosewood on Hollowbodies. I wish I could get an SE Hollowbody standard with a rosewood board, and may venture out of the PRS camp for that plywood 50’s/60’s sound that I love.
I have both and love them but without question the DGT gets my vote if I had to choose just one.