Mashup of original music from Saturday


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Nov 5, 2018
This is basically putting together clips of the original stuff we played a this weekend's Porch Fest. It is only clips as much of this hasn't been released yet. I tried to keep it brief, but it still ended up being over 12 minutes when all was said and done. On a few of these, there is actually some overdrive on my guitar too 😂

Anyway, I hope it isn't long enough to annoy you guys.

Thanks for checking it out.
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Love how Angela turns to near that start and gives you a:

“Ya Ok?”

Some really nice original tunes here.

I see you grooving ;)
We were having some tech issues in the beginning. You could see just before that, a guy coming in and re miking the drums (and that was after a couple of more misc problems). Sound man, well, wasn't top of the line. We will just say it that way. But we got it sounding right.