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Hopeful Sinner

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Apr 26, 2012
I re familiarized myself with the Forum Rules to see if an "I wanna trade this for that " thread would be acceptable. Ran across this and have noticed a few violations of the following, that in my opinion do nothing but bring Forum morale down...

5. Customer Support

If you have a customer service issue or concern with your PRS product, please contact customer service at [email protected], or 410-643-9970. Customer service and support issues will only be addressed via email or phone and not on the PRS Forum.
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Thanks for bringing this up Jon. As moderators, we try not to be "Forum Nazis" so we turn a blind eye to a lot of stuff that does violate the forum rules. , If anything is blatantly crossing the line, the post will be deleted.

Also, the forum's collective membership offers a tremendous amount of information, so I encourage folks post questions here. And while I try to monitor the forum and do my best to answer questions, the forum is not meant to be a substitute for our Customer Service department. If anyone is looking for an "Official" response from PRS, please send an email to custserv @ prsguitars.com