I sure love me some Saturnus


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Mar 6, 2013
Like most people, especially Americans, I had never heard of this band even though they're pretty big in Europe and have been around for years.

I usually listen to classic rock for the most part, and only listen to metal once in a while. In the past I would listen to Ozzy, Metallica, or Iron Maiden in small doses, but that's slowly changing and I'm exploring new types of music. A friend from another forum put me onto Saturnus and I just loved the melodic elements of their style. Unusual and really cool.

Check out this cool guitar solo from Inflame thy Heart. You can hear the whole song below, or jump right to the guitar solo at the 3:15 point here.

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Great music and sound. Hard to get over the cookie monster vocals though.
It's that way for a lot of the newer metal bands, they are insane musicians and I just love their music, but I can't get over those unnatural cartoonish vocals.
I hear you. Back in the day, I used to feel the same way about Ozzy, and Iron Maiden and stuff that had the whole "Evil" vibe going. But eventually, it seems I somehow adapted to it and realized it was all in good fun and even learned to like the sound of it. Somehow, I doubt I will ever get into hardcore Black Metal or any of that, but I do like the melodic stuff and the growling doesn't bother me too much as the vocals are minimal anyways.