HX/DA 50w vs 30w for bedroom volumes

Discussion in 'Amplifiers' started by John F, Jun 16, 2021.

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    Apr 8, 2020
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    I’ve got a hunch the 30w would be too loud since I’m using a Custom 20 already(20w), and a Fender Princeton (12w). A HX/DA owner told me the 30w sounds great turned down, so I’m considering getting one. Would the 50w be too loud? I’d rather find a 30w, but either can be hard to find. I want to consider the option of a 50w.

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  2. bodia

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    Jan 21, 2015
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    I loved my 30w, but living in a townhouse I could never get it loud enough to do it justice. It sounded fine at low volume, but it sounded awesome when you could get some air moving. Had the OxBox been around when I had mine, I would bought it, and I'd still own the HX/DA
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    I have a 30, and previously had a 50. I'm told that the difference between the amps is the B+ voltage. Whatever that is! ;)

    Here's the main difference: the 50W has more, and looser, bass. The 30W has a tighter bass feel. The reason I went with the 30 is that my recording room is pretty dark, and I wanted a bit more tightness in the bass.

    In terms of volume, remember that doubling the wattage results in only a 3 db volume change. 3 db isn't much. It's subtle.

    I find the 50W has a tiny bit more of that "Live At The Fillmore East" vibe. Again, we're talking subtle differences. I should have kept the 50W and STILL gotten the 30W!!

    I had (and have) no trouble getting good sounds with the master volume on either amp at reasonable recording levels. My experience with the HXDA master volume is that it's excellent. Perhaps, maybe, I can drive the 30W a tiny bit more, but believe me, it's not all that different.

    Having experience with both versions, I'd be happy with either one. Incidentally, I live in a townhouse like Bodia, and find there are no problems, but I have a basement studio and apparently I don't bother the neighbors much (or at least they put up with me!). Again, my studio isn't a bedroom. I have a bed in my bedroom instead of amps. ;)

    However, one thing to keep in mind is that a 30 or 50W amp is not a quiet little digital toy. It's a real-deal tube amp made for stages and studios. But as I said, the master volume is, IMHO, very good.
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    I haven’t had a 30, but do own two 50s. Les is right on the differences because, if you’ll check the tube/transformer chart, they are identical… same size and number of tubes, so the voltage has to be the difference. While the amp sounds absolutely glorious with the master at 1 o’clock or better, it’s also a pretty rocking tone with the master low. Let’s face it, nothing sounds too raucous at 70 db. But it is a good tone!

    I am fortunate enough to have an Ox Amp Top Box, so I can do the speaker cab attenuated, DAW/computer to monitors, headphones with IR, or any combo. It’s not the lowest cost option out there, but for what it does and how good it does it, I’ve come to consider it a bargain. Just throwing that out as a second to the comment from @bodia, above. It’s one of the best music purchases I’ve made, and my experience with it has been one of those rare “better/more useful than I ever thought it could be” results.

    The HXDA is pretty as a picture inside, a true hand wired amp. I intend never to be without one in my arsenal.

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