1. Maximum Guitarage

    DG-50 and HX/DA. Should I get both ?

    Hey all first time long time. Like many of you who have gone before me and is yet to come , I finally bought a PRS DGT which led me to the DG-30-50 line of amps to even the man himself, David Grissom ( I emailed him last night asking similar questions) Seems like a genuine fan of music and the...
  2. John F

    HX/DA 50w vs 30w for bedroom volumes

    I’ve got a hunch the 30w would be too loud since I’m using a Custom 20 already(20w), and a Fender Princeton (12w). A HX/DA owner told me the 30w sounds great turned down, so I’m considering getting one. Would the 50w be too loud? I’d rather find a 30w, but either can be hard to find. I want...
  3. Davey

    Who has the HX/DA head and what speaker cab are you running?

    Incoming new amp. Super stoked! 30w hx/da head. Just looking for any recommendations as far as speaker cabs from anyone who has or had an hxda. Partial open back vs closed back? 1x12 vs 2x12? Speakers? Are the new stealth cabs made in China worth it? Hold out for an older cab? Thanks all!
  4. John F

    Clean channel on HX/DA?

    I’m considering an HX/DA amp. Does it have a clean channel? How about a spring reverb? Effects loop?
  5. RickP

    HX/DA INFO (and my NAD 50 W Head(s)) Share your HXDA knowledge with the world!

    Ok, after totally hijacking Rapdog’s HXDA market thread, I thought it was time to get back in my own lane! A 50 watt version HXDA head is “Out For Delivery” to my humble abode, and the obligatory pics will follow soon. I am looking forward to it as it’s as close to an old Plexi as I am ever...