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If ya ain't cheatin', ya aint tryin'. Hey...Maybe Moon can spin up a tune with that title from the hit factory! I'm sure it would be great!

The New England Cheatriots didn't lose their wins including the SB, so everybody in the pool!

Nothing really happened to Urban Meyer for his indiscretions at Florida and Ohio State, nor Jim Tressel. No accomplishments were vacated. Meyer's nervous breakdown must have come from the guilt :rolleyes:....poor guy....
You’re the one that should be bitter. I don’t see any recoil from Michigan’s fans AT ALL! if Ryan Day got caught in a major cheating scandal and had been signed stealing for two years and had won two national championships, I’d be the first one screaming to fire him and ban him from college football. I don’t see any Michigan fans calling for hairballs head at all. Seems like they are so glad to finally win a couple that they don’t care what it took to get the wins.
Mike Leach did the type of 'cheating' that I like in the 1999 Texas - Oklahoma game when he was the Sooners' offensive coordinator:

During pregame warm-ups of that year's Red River Showdown, an underhanded script outlining OU's opening offensive plays was spotted on the field by one of Texas' student assistants, who scooped it up and took it to Longhorns defensive coordinator Carl Reese. To the heavily favored Longhorns, it seemed as if they'd caught an enormous break.

"We were trying to figure out if it was authentic," Reese said. "We were in this state of, 'Can we believe this?'"

They shouldn't have.

It was a fake, part of a plot hatched by Leach and consulted by the Longhorns, who quickly fell behind 17-0 before realizing they'd been duped.

"That game might've been the most bizarre experience I ever had as a college football player," said Ahmad Brooks, a starting defensive back for the Longhorns. "I can't tell you how wrong we were in the first three or four minutes with every playcall we had. I've never seen anything like it.

"It was complete pandemonium, and it was complete confusion."

"Yeah, it was kind of shady," said former OU tight end Trent Smith, whom Leach drafted to "accidentally" drop the sheet in front of the Texas coaches.

"But it's OU-Texas. There are no rules."
I am happy to cheer for anyone whose character is inspiring.
My wife and I have changed to being mostly fair weather fans. Obviously it's way more fun cheering when an alma mater or local team is great but if they're bad then it's often too painful to watch. Easier just to appreciate good teams performing well.
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17-6 since 2000! And that counts the 21 and 22 seasons in which they cheated to win, and 2020 when they would have been slaughtered but chickened out. What do I have to envy? :p:p:p

So all that rival gamesmanship aside, I do feel bad for some of the players. They had nothing to do with all the cheating, but within a year or two will probably have most of their wins vacated. But Hairball… he needs to be permanently banned from the sport.

The only question really is, are all you Xichigan fans really OK with the cheating?
I'm tired of this sh!t, but I guess you want to go on and on with it. It's a load of BS to harp on it.

No one wants to see rules violated; Michigan had a staffer who organized the world's dumbest scouting org - random people with their phones. They couldn't have captured anything different than the TV film. The staffer was immediately fired. He was an idiot.

Even the NCAA concluded - and reported to the Big Ten - that Harbaugh didn't know about it.

Two years ago the NCAA planned to abolish the very rule against in person scouting because they concluded it conferred no advantage at all on teams that do it, and that teams can get the signals from simply watching the TV broadcasts. The reason the rule wasn't abolished was that small schools whose teams don't get on TV couldn't afford in person scouting and voted against changing the rule. That's fact, look it up.

The scandal broke on October 6. After October 6, presumably on the date every team knew whatever they needed to know. Here are the scores of those post-scandal games:

Michigan 52, Indiana 7

Michigan 49, Michigan State 0 (MSU had their quarterback come to the bench for every play)

Michigan 41, Purdue 13

Michigan 24, Penn State 15, and it wasn't as close as the score appears; The Big Ten prevented Harbaugh from coaching the game on less than one day's notice WHILE the team was in flight to Happy Valley, That's how much respect Pettiti and his team showed for a school that was a co founder of the league, gave them no opportunity to be heard and rebut what was claimed, and along with OSU brings the conference its largest revenue.

-- National news recently revealed that McCarthy was so badly injured in that game that tears were rolling from pain at halftime as he was in the dressing room. I'll bet that's why they ran the ball all afternoon, and not because it was their game plan.

-- Penn State at the time had the #4 defense in the country. Yet M won. With an assistant coach on less than a day's notice. Against a very good football team.

Michigan 31, Maryland 24 -- close to same score as Ohio State, by the way with McCarthy still injured (they almost didn't let him play) and without the Head Coach. Maryland beat an SEC team in its bowl.

How'd Ohio State do in their bowl? Oh, wait. I remember now. 14-3 against...Missouri.

Michigan 30, OSU 24. No M head coach on the field. OSU had their head coach and their great players, presumably changed their signals, and Marvin Harrison Jr. said after the game that he had never seen a defense as complex as the one Michigan put on the field against them. THAT is why Michigan won. OSU fans? Go f#ck your stupid excuses.


Michigan 26, Iowa 0 (#4 defense in the country at the time). M Big Ten Champs.

Michigan 27, Alabama 20. M Rose Bowl Champs.

Michigan 34, Washington and their explosive offense 13. M National Champs.

Of course you and the other OSU slappies can't type the letter M for some twisted reason. That's showing some real balls, isn't it. :rolleyes:

Michigan played its toughest games of the season - Penn State, Maryland and Ohio State - without their head coach on the sidelines. Michigan's quarterback was injured in the Penn State game, and the team still beat everyone on their schedule.

Incidentally, all the comparisons about McCarthy pre and post scandal are nonsense. He was injured at Penn State. But after the news broke, he still decimated Michigan state, our rival, 49-0.

Ohio State had a head coach on the field this year, two months after this all broke in the news, Michigan didn't, and Michigan still won. Deal with it. Our assistant coach called a better game than your head coach.

Ohio State scored 27 points in 2021, 23 points in 2022, and 24 points in 2023. I'd say that whether or not M had signals, there sure wasn't much difference in OSU's scoring with or without them, was there? In fact, they did 3 points better in 2021, and only a point worse in 2022. On their home field.

You want to know why Michigan beat Ohio State the last 3 years? It's because in 2021 they fired Don Brown, whose defenses couldn't stop OSU's passing attack, and hired McDonald from the Ravens. When he went back to the Ravens, they hired Jesse Minter, also formerly with the Ravens and highly recommended by John Harbaugh to his brother Jim.

That was the difference-maker, and anyone who can't understand why the switch to a pro style defense designed to stop a passing team like OSU (or Washington, for that matter) got the results intended is willfully blind.

Michigan's point total was a little lower this year because McCarthy was not 100%, and our run game was better last year. And we also did it without our best O-lineman whose leg was broken in the game, not to mention that Corum ran for a long TD on the very next play. This wasn't about signals.

It's also true that Ohio State and Rutgers sent TCU Michigan's signals on a spread sheet last year. We've all seen the spreadsheet, it was all over the internet. Guess what: that was cheating, since OSU and Rutgers had coaches in person on the field for their games. This spreadsheet was sent to Harbaugh by a staffer on one of those teams, Mr. Holier-Than-Thou.

Michigan has verified that those were in fact their signals last year, cheater.

Moreover, do you seriously think OSU could have beaten Saban/Alabama and Deboer/Washington this year when they couldn't beat Michigan who only had an assistant coach on the sidelines?

Here's what I have to say about the Natty:

Michigan deserved it. They proved it on the field. You can dream and wish that games will be taken away. Maybe they will. It will NOT change the facts: OSU got their butts handed to them three years in a row. Michigan won the Big Ten in a contested game a week after, three years in a row, three championships. Michigan beat a great Alabama team, and a great Washington team, straight up, in the trenches.

Nothing changes that. So you can go do a circle jerk with your OSU slappies and tell yourselves whatever you want. But this wasn't your year.

As for OSU's long run of wins, what; Michigan had a long run of wins against OSU in the '90s. Does that somehow prove OSU was cheating after it changed head coaches? Or does the fact that OSU hired better coaches make that difference.

Does it matter that one of the pro players who's commented on this says that he was handed bags of cash by OSU boosters when he was being recruited, pre NIL? That's also cheating.

If you want to put a scope up everyone's butt in college football you're going to find a lot of unsavory sh!t. That's a fact. Quit posturing. It's not your best look.

Want to know what Nick Saban said about the scandal? He said it didn't matter.

Even Michigan-hater Paul Finebaum changed his tune:

You want to sow the wind? Be prepared to reap the whirlwind. Michigan hates you, too.
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Interesting New York Times article by the editor of The Lamp, which is a Catholic literary journal. It's not a religious article, however. The article describes Harbaugh's stand on player compensation, and does mention the weakness and foolishness of the NCAA investigations, and the author thinks Harbaugh is great for college athletics and should stay at Michigan.

Interesting New York Times article by the editor of The Lamp, which is a Catholic literary journal. It's not a religious article, however. The article describes Harbaugh's stand on player compensation, and does mention the weakness and foolishness of the NCAA investigations, and the author thinks Harbaugh is great for college athletics and should stay at Michigan.

Harbaugh lasted 5 days after the 2011 Orange Bowl before announcing going to the 49ers.

Either way, huge changes coming to UM with graduations of key players and college football overall with more NIL money and realignment caused by the demise of the Pac-12 and expansion of the two super-conferences of the expanded SEC and expanded Big 10 which, as example of their likely dominance, include all four of this years playoff teams.

With all the money in college ball I look forward to the time when colleges/alums start buying NFL teams to enhance recruiting.
With all the money in college ball I look forward to the time when colleges/alums start buying NFL teams to enhance recruiting.
The NFL doesn't want to lose their free-to-them minor league, i.e., college football. It's my understanding that 3/4 of existing owners must vote to agree to any new franchises.

So you're absolutely on point, but it'll never happen. ;)
On reflection it didn't seem fair to Georgia that I should point a finger about something that hasn't yet been proven, and may never be proved. I don't know if the ESPN article reflects truth or merely rumor. So I 86'd my own post.
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