G3 Reunion Tour


Respect The Clave
Jun 1, 2014
Austin, Texas
I saw that tour at the Aragon Ballroom, in Chicago. Adrian Legg warmed the show up. Great show!
I was at that same show only in Denver.

Couldn't wait for it to end. Even Adrian Legg was too loud and he was playing acoustic guitar.

So loud and just a lot of notes. No space left for space at all.

Eric didn't seem comfortable and was wearing ear protection like the guys on the deck of an aircraft carrier wear.

Joe just kept playing the same stuff over and over and over...

Just didn't like it.

Don't like it so loud that it hurts.
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I'm super excited about this. Saw the original tour - also in Denver. I will admit that there are a **** ton of notes and it's a lot to process but, hey, I'm still up for the challenge!