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Discussion in 'Artists & Music' started by alantig, Oct 13, 2020.

  1. alantig

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    Apr 28, 2012
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    I’m not great (or even decent) at figuring out delay and reverb effects, so I figured I’d toss this out so one of the experts here could take a crack at this.

    Last week, we watched an old Live At Daryl’s House with Jason Mraz. We really liked him on Celebrity Show-Off, so we wanted to check out his music. This song was one of the ones that jumped out at me lyrically and musically.

    So here’s the question - I love the guitarist’s tone around 2:10 and again at 3:15-ish. That little lead part that comes behind the vocal. I think I hear some delay and reverb in there, but I’m not sure exactly what’s there. I also hear something else - not sure if it’s sort of light fuzz or just a buzzy distortion.

    Any thoughts, oh wise fiends of FX?
  2. Alnus Rubra

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    Oct 17, 2017
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    There almost sounds like there’s a little light chorus effect in there too and the sound is on the edge of breaking up too.
  3. goat-n-gitter

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    It sounds to me like a distortion without much bass, could be something like an old MXR distortion + or similar, or maybe a fuzz that isn't too wooly with the lows rolled off. There's delay and/or reverb on it also. Hard to tell for sure as it isn't very loud in the mix.
  4. BrianC

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    A driven amp with a long delay. As said its a bit trebly as well.
  5. pac90

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    The actual house board in the video is gnormous, I thought it was something trebly too, but rebekka knows all, see below, looks like a simple overdrive with bass rolled off?

    "In addition, Mraz plays through a '65 Fender Twin Reverb reissue 2x12 combo, and he uses a Moollon wah, overdrive and delay. Another effect Mraz leans on during his live sets is a Boss digital reverb pedal..."

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  6. RickP

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    The guitarist is Paul Pesco, and he used a Pod XT Live with Hall and Oates, and on LFDH. I'm sure he had other stuff, being as gear didn't seem to be in short supply there. This sounds like a combo of some of the shimmer type FX on the XT Live, with distortion. He is on the neck pickup only on the Strat, so the thinness of the sound can come from adding a fuzzy distortion to that. He often played through a regular PA type powered monitor.

    Here's a video of a guy demoing the XT Live, and you can hear both distortion and FX that sound like what you hear there.

    It sounds to me like a delay timed to the tempo of the song, maybe flanged, and obviously a fuzzy distortion (which, to my ear, is most of the distortions on the XT Live) drenched in some large hall type reverb. Sounds great in that song.

    Having absolutely nothing to do with the OP, I have to say that their drummer at that time, Brian Dunne, is one of those drummers who is little known but should be much more famous. He is one of the best, most energy-filled, play-to-the-song drummers I have heard. Love to listen to him play.
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