Is it bad to leave the FX loop permanently connected

Ruben Bernard

New Member
Jan 3, 2022
London, England
Is it bad to have the fx loop linked in without any pedals running through it?

I want to wire my fx loops into my patchbay so that I can do some cool stuff running my pedal signal and amp signal through my outboard gear... but if I did that the default state would be the signal coming out of the loop out and then returning again with nothing going on. I know that that's basically what happens when you have a pedal in the loop thats not turned on, but I still want to make absolutely sure that doing that wont be bad for the amp.
I have done it before with my Rivera amps. Their loops are buffered with send and return level controls, so I would set a boost level and keep a short George L's cable connected between the send/returns. I have also used the send of my Rivera loop to drive a different power amp, while using an 1/4" - RCA adaptor in the return (with the return level at zero) to mute the speaker load attached to the head.

Make sure you are ALWAYS connected to an ohm load to protect your transformers. Unless you have a load box. Once I got a Suhr load box, I didn't have to keep a speaker connected to the head.

As far as your concern with the "default state" of the loop, you are cool. All the loop does is allow an insert point for one to add processing post preamp and pre-power amp. With nothing passing through, you get the tone of the amp plus the load of any devices that are connected but not "on".