From 009 to 010


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Nov 20, 2012
here at the moment
Hi FOlks- glad to be here

Got a new Se Custom 24
Can I just go from 009 to 010 ?
Or do I need to do an intonation ?
Any suggestions and pointers welcomed
If you prefer 10's, put them on and then check the intonation. If it's a little off, just adjust the saddles to fix it.

Tune your guitar and then lightly fret the notes on the 12th fret. If it rings sharp, lengthen the string by turning the screw clockwise; if flat, shorten the string.
You'll definitely need to adjust the bridge, since putting on heavier strings will increase the overall tension of the strings, and you'll need to adjust the trem spring claw in to compensate.

You might need to do intonation, but try them and see what happens.

You will also need to make sure the strings are free to move through the nut slots. Cutting wider nut slots is a little more difficult, and best done by someone experienced.