Formvar, Enamel or Poly? Do you hear a difference?


Old Know It All
Dec 30, 2012
Paonia Colorado
This video compares identical pickups wound with 42 AWG copper wire...only the copper wire used in each has a different insulating coating.

Formvar, enamel and poly. All the same thickness. Just an insulating coating. Should sound identical.

But do they?

I just put new pickups in my two SE Silver Skys and learned that the 6.3K neck and 6.45K middle pickups in my Chubtone sets are 42 AWG, and use copper wire coated in Formvar like some of the best sounding vintage Fender pickups.

However, the bridge pickup is poly coated, wound to almost 8K, and to my old ears has one of the smoothest woodiest tones I've ever heard from a Strat bridge pickup.

Anyways, check out this video and see what you hear as a difference. If you hear any difference at all. Some may not.

The playing starts about 1/2 through the video. Before that you get to hear watch the guy at Nashville Pickups build the three pickups. Worth a watch.