Epi ES335 Pro($250)vs SE Hollowbody II


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Sep 24, 2020
I know what forum this is (lol) but had to ask. I have a shot at a mint 2019 Epi ES335 Pro for $250. I was considering purchasing a new SE Hollowbody II +/-$900). I love PRS esp. the SE line personally (IMO great value, and all the guitar I will ever need).

Has anybody ever owned both? Can you tell me if the SE will by that much better? Also note that if I purchase the Epi, I will probably be able to afford a new SE SAS. (Was hoping for an SE Paul's, but may be financially unobtainable).

Thanks in advance!
I don't have the Epiphone or SE level guitars but I do have a Gibson ES335 and a PRS Hollow body II. They are very different guitars. The PRS doesn't have the maple center block that the 335 has. They feel and sound quite different.

It looks like the Paul's Guitar as well as the DGT are not included in the SE sale, bummer.
I've had some solid Epi and played many more. You'll read epi bashing, but there's all sorts of stuff on the internet. At a quick glance it also looks like overall this model is well recieved. If you are after a 335 style guitar the Hb2 isn't it. The seHb2 is an awesome se, just not a 335. I was playing my seHb2 last night. Even though the HB thing isn't really my preference I still enjoy playing it from time to time. Ironically the other guitar I played was my core SAS, that's my forever guitar. I'd personally get the 335 and the seSAS. If you don't like the 335, move it. You might decide to keep it and pick up a seHb2 as well. We're not married to guitars and can swap, add, or sell at any time. It's part of the fun.
They are just massively different guitars. If you know/like/want the Gibson feel and sound, the Epi should make you happy. The HBII is very "PRS" in feel and sound.

I had an Epi 339 and with a pickup upgrade it was an absolute killer of a guitar. Ultimately I sold it because I'm not a fan of the old-fashioned Gibby feel.

I agree with SinSir, though. Not much at stake financially buying/trying a used Epi.
We're not married to guitars and can swap, add, or sell at any time. It's part of the fun.
Blasphemy! I’d NEVER sella guitar. Oh wait; never mind…
Got it. $250. Mint condition. Thanks for the advice. Can probably break even if I don't like it.
$250?! You can barely get a good pedal for that. Nice score!
Good move to buy the Epi.
I have a Sheraton II Pro (9 lbs.) and just bought the SE HBII Piezo (6.5 lbs). They are very different sounding. I learned a lot about setups with my Epi with little fear of screwing it up.
However I’m playing the PRS a lot.