Dimarzio replacement in bridge, 5 way rotary - I'm confused?

Discussion in 'PTC - PRS Tech Center' started by h45, Jan 17, 2020.

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    Jan 14, 2020
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    I have a Dimarzio I want to replace the bridge pickup with.

    PRS treble
    Black = hot
    white = ground
    red = split

    Red = hot
    black = split
    white = split
    green = ground
    bare = ground

    I have the five way rotary (which I'd like to keep, but maybe I can't). It has that circuit board thing. Not sure the thicker wires from the Dimarzio will fit anyway? I can order a new switch, but I'm stuck inside this weekend and kind of bored.

    Say I can use the OEM 5 way- how to I hook this thing up? Seems I have an extra wire with the Dimarzio? Maybe solder the black and white together?

    I've swapped pickups before, but couldn't find much about putting Dimarzios in unless I get all new wiring.
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    Part of the confusion is that the PRS pup is not split, it is tapped, while the Dimarzio is split.

    The Dimarzio black and white wires together would go where the PRS red wire goes.

    However, the hot and ground might not be the same polarity in both pups, the info might be on the Dimarzio website.
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