DGT "De-mud mod" on neck pickup


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Jan 30, 2014
Neck PAFs always have notoriously too much bass (woof) for my tastes. Rather than swap out the DGT neck, I decided to try several capacitor/resistor mods, know as "de-mud mods" to see if I could balance that pickup better. I don't want it brighter, I just want less bass. I have does this successfully with other guitars, namely a PRS SE that had DGT pickups in it, and also a Fender Thinline with WRHBs in it.

After trying a few different capacitor values, I ended up with a .0047uf capacitor + 220K resistor, in parallel, then that goes on the neck pickup's hot output (between the pickup and neck volume pot).

It works really well. I had several different cap values I tried (.047uf, .022uf, .015uf) and the .047 wasn't noticeable. The .022 only barely so. The .015 did the job, but I felt it still needed a little more bass cut . So after going back and forth several times, I settled on .0047uf + 220K resistor.

If you are interested in this nonsense, the 2 most popular mods are the Seymour Duncan one and "Artie's De- Mud Mod". Google them. You have to try different values with your pickups to see what works best for you.
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