DC3 volume knob issue


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Jun 2, 2013
Hey guys

I have a 2013 DC3 - all stock, recently the volume knob has been acting wonky, it used to be a very smooth taper from 0-10. But now from 0-7 the volume is almost not there and post 7 it suddenly jumps up.

I’ve tried having it looked at but probably the volume pot just needs to be replaced

My question is would the regular after market PRS 500k volume pots work fine for this? Any reason to go with anything else?

Definitely try the suggestion above. If that doesn't work and you decide to replace the pot, I'd check with PRS to confirm the resistance of the pot (or test it yourself). I couldn't find the specs for the DC3 volume pot, but volume pots for single coil guitars are often less than 500K.
New pot is the answer unless you want to go through a can of deoxit (to keep them in business). Broken is broken unless it’s a newer guitar then I’d use a fix-it- in-a-can but really just use air.