Best cab for HDRX 20

It's all good. I have too many 4x12 cabs the way it is!
I would say "no such thing," but the way I've been using them, I have too many 2x12s as well. I have 3 very different 2x12s. One of them I use 80% of the time, no matter what amp I use. In fact, I only seem to use the others when "I better plug that in because I haven't used it in a while" mode kicks in.
It can be odd, sometimes that definitely happens. I’ve no idea why though. That woody resonance they have in a sealed 4x12 is classic rock in a box to me. These are all the original UK made ones, though I never played the Chinese ones… there might be no sound difference.

2x12 cabs are so much handier, but I only recall one homemade cab that sounded like the 4x12. As I look at my writing above, I realize I am totally seat-of-the-pants in finding my tones. Lol
I'm thinking the drivers aren't broken in yet? I got them all used but I'll never know how much play time they've had.

I've thought about playing music through the cab 24/7 to help that.

Never researched if that's good or bad?
The HDRX sounds killer with all my Cabs but at the moment I play it thru a closed back 1x12 the cab is a crate and the speaker is a Celestion cream back I think have to look , sounds huge thru ether of my 2x12s ( PRS Deep cab with V30s ) or the Fuchs Feiten 2x12 , I prefer closed back cabs these days
Anything with a V-Type will probably work, and there are lots of cabs that have them. Otherwise, a cab with a Creamback of any type would also be a great choice, but the only popular brands I know of making Creamback loaded cabs are the PRS HDRX 2x12 and Friedman in their 1x12’s.
Mesa offers Creambacks, on special order I believe. My 4x10 came with them.
I am using a one 12 HDRX for my 50 watt HXDA. I am thinking I need a four 12 scumback cabinet. Just because.
I use a deep PRS closed back 212 with V-30s with my HXDA. Sounds great, though honestly, the amp sounds excellent through my other cabs as well (two other 212s and a 410).

I had a matching PRS 112 pine closed back cab for it when I first got it, but felt that the amp needed more "swirl" and either a 212 or 412 to really breathe and get that sound I was hearing in my head.

I've mostly played 212 cabs since the late '60s. I guess I'm just used to them.
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Current Scumback pricing is on par with Celestion pricing in the US.

I've been eyeballing the H75-PVC and H55-PVC from Scumback for my 2x12 cab.
I have a pair of Scumback J75’s that I loaded into a closed back Bogner 2x12 cabinet; can’t see myself ever taking them out. Played a handful of amps (PRS 2-channels, Marshall JVM, Fender Super Sonic) and the speakers sound awesome with all of them.

I also just bought (this week) a Marshall ST212 cabinet that comes loaded with a pair of Celestion Creamback’s. They’re not broken in yet, but it’s a quality cabinet and could be found online for $699 while most retailers had it for over $1k.

I’ve dabbled with a few other speakers lately and was surprised by how much I like the 25 watt greenback (UK version).
Curious about the creambacks myself. The one’s in the cab I got were the 65 watt I believe, but I’ll pop the back off to confirm. I’d be interested in trying a neo creamback, just for fun. I bought one of the Eminence Wheelhouse speakers (150w Neo) that I put in a 1x12 cab and it’s excellent. Really liked a DRRI through it, and tested the 100 w head through it at painfully loud levels, felt like the opening scene of Back to the Future, and it was awesome.